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10th Annual Meet & Workshop of INDEST-AICTE Consortium

Sub:  10th Annual Meet & Workshop of INDEST-AICTE Consortium of MHRD on 5-6 May 2014 at NIT Silchar

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Greetings from NIT Silchar!

You will be pleased to know that National Institute of Technology Silchar – an Institute of National Importance under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India - is organizing the 10th Annual Meet & Workshop of INDEST-AICTE Consortium on 5-6 May 2014 in collaboration with IIT Delhi at NIT Silchar.  This is for first time the Annual meet is being organized in the North Eastern Region.

The workshop and annual meet is the regular event of the INDEST-AICTE Consortium. The main objectives of the Annual meet are:
·      To provide a platform to all INDEST members to interact and share their experience.
·      To update members on activities, development and future plans of INDEST-AICTE Consortium.
·      To provide an opportunity to INDEST-AICTE Consortium members to discuss and deliberate on emerging trends and technology in libraries.
·      To promote use of e-resources, resource sharing & inter library networking.

I invite all INDEST members (Core, Active and others) to register at the earliest to avail campus accommodation as we have limited number of rooms available. Other interested library professionals can also register for the meet.

For more details please visit to the website: &

Looking forward to seeing you at NIT Silchar.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,
Kishor Satpathy


Kishor Chandra Satpathy, PhD

Librarian & Organising Secretary, INDEST 2014
National Institute of Technology Silchar
(Institute of National Importance under Ministry of HRD, GOI)
Silchar-788010, Assam, India
Tele     : +91-3842-240055 (Off) +91-9435175531 (M)
E-mail  :

Saturday, October 20, 2012

SIS 2012@NIT Silchar

National Institute of Technology Silchar

Dr. Kishor Chandra Satpathy
Librarian & Organizing Secretary, SIS 2012
National Institute of Technology
Silchar-788010, Assam, India
Tele: +91-9435175531 (M)

16 October 2012

Press Release

Conference on Information-Innovation-Technology: Creating Seamless Linkages” at NIT Silchar  

NIT Silchar is organizing the 29th Convention & Conference of Society of Information Science, India on “Information-Innovation-Technology: Creating Seamless Linkages” from 26-28 November 2012 at NIT Silchar. The areas to be covered in the Convention & Conference are: New theories and paradigms in information science; Foundations of information science; New Innovations & Technologies applications in information science/services.

The principal objective of this Convention & Conference is to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas and learning experience among the Librarians, Information specialists & Technologists. We expect around 250 delegates to attend the Convention & Conference.

Library Professionals, Teachers, IT Professionals, Knowledge Workers, Students and Faculty of the country in general and of the North East India in particular are the targeted participants of the Seminar.

Papers based on Case studies, Researches, Practical experiences, etc. on the main theme and sub-themes of the Conference are invited from the interested persons. The same should be sent as e-mail attachment to the Organizing Secretary on or before 30 Oct 2012. All the received papers will be peer–reviewed. Only the accepted papers will be published in an edited book format.

The detailed information about the Conference can be obtained from Dr. Kishor Chandra Satpathy, Org. Secy-SIS2012, National Institute of Technology, Silchar-788010, E-mail:, M: 9435175531 and the web address is

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!!

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009 !
Thanks & Regards,
Kishor Satpathy

Dear All,

Greetings from the IIM Indore

Wish you all a very Happy New Year…

First of all I would like to thank to all of you for your kind cooperation for making INDEST-AICTE workshop and SIS 2008 conference a grand success.

I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Programme Advisory Committee, National Advisory Committee, Local Organizing Committee, Invited Guests, Speakers & Working Committee members for their role in making the conference a great success. I wish to express my gratitude to my colleagues in the library for their valuable help & support.

I am grateful to many individuals, institutions & sponsors for their support in making this workshop and conference a great success.

I have received a no. of feedback ( from participants which I have uploaded to the SIS 2008 conference blog for your kind information…..!! Keep sending your feedbacks.

I have received lot of queries, the response to the queries are given below:

1. Photographs: The photographs of the workshop and conference have been uploaded to the blog ( To access the same please follow the link .


2. Newspaper Clippings: The newspaper clipping of the workshop and conference have been uploaded to the SIS2008 Blog. To access the same please follow the link:

3. Report of the Conference: A short report of the conference has been uploaded to the site. To access the same please follow the link.

4. PPTs: The PPTs of the workshop and conference have been uploaded to the SIS2008 Blog & to other site. Pl. log in to: .

5. Certificates: Due to some printing mistakes we have asked the printer to reprint the certificates. We are hoping to get the same by 5th January 2009 and the certificates will be dispatched to the outside participants on 6th January 2009 and all the local participants are requested to collect the same from us or from DAVV Library after 7th.

6. Workshop Proceedings: All the received full paper will be reviewed and we will publish the papers in an edited book format, which will be published by a reputed publishing company. The details of the same will be sent to you shortly.

7. Printed report: However in the meantime we are planning to bring out a printed report consisting of invited lectures, photographs, newspaper clippings, participants list & this will be send to all of you. In this context, I would like to request all the paper presenters to send 1-2 pages summary of their papers for inclusion in the report.

Looking forward to receive similar cooperation in 2009 also.

Thanks and Regards

Kishor C. Satpathy

Workshop Director & Organising Secy, SIS 2008.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



SIS 2008
Twenty Fifth National Convention & Conference of SIS on
Role of the Librarian in 21st Century
(4-6 December 2008)
Organised by
Indian Institute of Management, Indore
Prabandh Shikhar, Rau-Pithampur Road, Indore – 453 331

Partners of SIS 2008
Society for Information Science, India
South Asian Regional Development Gateway, India
Indore Library Association, Indore
Indore Library Network (INDOLIBNET), Indore
IIM Indore
INDEST, New Delhi

Participants Statistics:
Total No. of . Participants (including Speakers): 205
No. of General Participants: 135
No. of students Participants: 70
No. of Female Participants: 84
No. of SIS Member Participants: 25
New Members added to SIS from SIS2008@IIMI: 43
No. of INDEST Member Participants: 25
No. International Participants: 3
Total No. of Full Paper Received: 64
Total No. of Abstract Received: 12
Total No. of Full Paper Received from Abroad: 5
Total No. of Paper Presented: 25
Total No. of Invited Paper Presented: 10
Total No. of Indian States Represented: 15 (M.P., Gujarat, Haryana, U.P., West Bangal, Chattishgarh, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Andra Pradesh, Assam & Uttaranchal)

Media Coverage:
No. of News Paper Clipping : 25
Details can be found at

The themes of the technical sessions:
I. Emerging Management & Technology Trends in LIS
II. HRD Issues & LICs
III. Networking & Consortia
IV. ICT, IR & Library 2.0
V. E-Learning & Information Literacy

The theme of the Panel Discussion: “Role of Librarian in 21st Century”
Dr. Harish Chandra, Librarian, IIT Madras
Dr. Shailendra Kumar, DLIS, Uinv. of Delhi
Dr. Hasan Kiani, DLIS, Al-Zahara Univ, Iran
Dr. Ganga B. Dakshinamurty, Librarian, Uinv. of Manitoba, Canada
Dr. N. B.Biswas, Dean (SSS), Assam Univ., Silchar
Dr. G.H.S. Naidu, Univ. Librarian, D.A.V.V., Indore (Moderator)
Dr. Rama Devi, NIRD, Hyderabad
Dr. Namita Gupta, DST, New Delhi

Key Speakers/Chairs of SIS 2008:
Prof. Roshan Raina, Director, LBSIM, Delhi
Mr. Yogender Singh, Librarian, IIT Roorkee
Dr. Harish Chandra, Librarian, IIT Madras
Mr. H Anil Kumar, Librarian, IIM, Ahmedabad
Dr. Ganga B. Dakshinamurti, Librarian, Univ. of Manitoba, Canada
Dr. Hassan Kiani, Professor, DLIS, Al-Zahra Univ., Iran
Dr. Shailendra Kumar, Professor, DLIS, Univ. of Delhi
Dr. K. Veeranjaneyulu, Librarian, ANGR Agri. Univ., Hyd.
Dr. Rama Devi, Librarian, NIRD, Hyderabad
Prof. N B Biswas, Dean, SS, Assam Univ. Silchar
M. Atanu Garai,, International Secretariat, Switzerland
Ms. Sangeeta Narang, AIIMS Library, Delhi
Dr. H S Chopra, Prof. & Head, DLIS, GNDU, Amritsar
Dr. G S S Naidu, Librarian, DAVV, Indore
Dr. Namita Gupta, DST, New Delhi
Dr. Diviya Srivastava, Scientist E(DDG), ICMR, New Delhi
Prof. Prabin Panigrahi, Chair, IT Area, IIM Indore
Prof. S Dey, Chair, FPM, IIM Indore
Mr. Kishor Satpathy, Librarian, IIM Indore

Organising Committee:

Prof. N Ravichandran, Director, IIM Indore

Prof. Prabin Panigrahi, Chair, LISC
Prof. D L Sunder
Prof. D D Chaudhuri
Prof. K K Jain
Prof. Abha Chatterjee
Prof. Prashant Salwan
Prof. R Kumra
Prof. U K Bhattacharya
Prof. V K Gupta
Dr. T A V Murthy, President, SIS, Delhi

Dr. Roshan L Raina, Director, LBSIM, Delhi
Dr. Jagdish Arora, Director, INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad
Dr. P R Goswami, Director, NASSDOC, Delhi
Dr. H K Kaul, Director, DELNET, Delhi
Mr. S K Arora, Librarian, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi
Dr. J N Satpati, President, IASLIC, Kolkata
Dr. A K Chakraborty, Librarian, Bose Institute, Kolkata and Secy, IASLIC
Dr. Renu Arora, Head, Education & Training Division, NISCAIR, New Delhi
Mr. H Anil Kumar, Librarian, IIM, Ahmedabad
Dr. M G Sreekumar, Librarian, IIM, Kazikode
Mr. Yogendra Singh, Librarian, IIT, Roorkee
Dr. Harish Chandra, Librarian, IIT, Madras
Ms. Rangashree Kishore, Librarian, PHFI, Delhi
Prof. H S Chopra, Librarian & Head, LIS, GNDU, Amritsar
Dr. Devinder Kaur, Librarian, Panjabi Univ. Patiala
Prof. H R Chopra, Ex Head, DLIS, PU, Chandigarh
Dr. V K Ananda, Librarian, PU, Chandigarh
Mrs. Nirupama Bawdekar, Scientific Officer "D", IUCAA, Pune
Dr. Christina Birdie, Librarian, IIA, Bangalore
Dr. Sanjay Kataria, Librarian, JIIT University, Noida
Mr. Nihar K Patra, Librarian, NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata
Mr. Sada Bihari Sahoo, Manager, Library, SIDBI, Lucknow
Dr. K M Baharul Islam, Chairman & CEO, SARDG, India
Dr. B C Sharma, Vice President, SIS, Delhi
Mr. N. V. Satyanarayana, Vice President, SIS, Delhi
Mr. Dharam Vir, Chief Librarian, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi
Mr. S Ganguly, Librarian, Indus World School of Business, Greater Noida
Mr. J Sharma, Librarian, NIILM Centre for Managemnet Studies, New Delhi

Dr. G H S Naidu, Librarian, DAVV, Indore
Mr. J K Patanaik, Librarian, RACAT, Indore
Dr. G D Agarwal, Secretary, Indore Lib Association, Indore
Mr. G P Kori, President, Indore Lib Association, Indore
Mr. Ritesh Tiwari, Librarian, SIMS, Indore
Mr. Surendra Kumar, NRCS, Indore
Mr. Vivek Singh, IBS, Indore
Dr. Amit Patidar, Aurobindo Inst. Medical Science, Indore
Dr. Swarnalata Chaturvedi, New GDC College, Indore
Mr. Anil Pahurkar, Vaishnav Institute of Tech. & Science, Indore
Mr. B K Tiwari, Librarian, GSITS, Indore
Ms. Sangita Paliwal, IPS Academy, Indore
Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Sanghvi Innovative, Indore
Mr. Manish Anand, Librarian, Prestige Institute of Management, Indore
Mr. Rajesh Mahajan, M B Khalsa College, Indore
Mr. Avinash Mishra, Librarian, Indore School of Social Work, Indore
Prof. K C Sahoo, Head, Deptt. of LIS, Sagar Univ., Sagar

Mr. K Narendra Babau, CAO
Ms. Vasundhara Laad, F&AO
Mr. K R Unni, PO
Mr. Jigar Kantharia, Officer (EE)
Mr. Ajay Kumar Das, Officer (Students Affairs)
Mr. Anil Kaushal, IT Professional
Mr. Piyush Trevedi, IT Professional
Mr. Salim Shaik, SPO
Dr. Baldev Dimbani, CMO
Mr. Gopal Singh Jadon, Library & Inf. Assistant
Mr. Vilas Nimbhorkar, Library & Inf. Assistant
Ms. Aparna Choubey, Library Trainee
Mr. Satyanarayan Dwivedi, Library Trainee
Ms. Menika Patel, Library Trainee
Ms. Monika Singhai, Library Trainee
Dr. Ramesh Kundra, Secretary, SIS, New Delhi
Mr. H C Jain, Treasrure, SIS, New Delhi

Organising Team:
Mr. Kishor Chandra Satpathy
Mr. Gopal Singh Jadon, Library & Inf. Assistant
Mr. Vilas Nimbhorkar, Library & Inf. Assistant
Ms. Aparna Choubey, Library Trainee
Mr. Satyanarayan Dwivedi, Library Trainee
Ms. Menika Patel, Library Trainee
Ms. Monika Singhai, Library Trainee
Ms. Neeta Neema
Ms. Akansha Yadav
Ms. Aradhana Shrivastava

Mr. Kishor Chandra Satpathy

Cultural Programme:
Gala Dinner @ Nakhrali Dhani (A Famous Tourist Resort of MP)

SIS 2008 Agenda
Friday, 5th December 2008

9:00-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:40 Inauguration
Welcome by K.C.Satpathy, Organising Secy.
Address by Secy (i/c), SIS, Dr. Divya Srivastava, ICMR, Delhi
Release of the Souvenir & SIS Directory
Address by Chief Guest Prof. R Raina, Director, LBSIM, Delhi
Announcement of SIS Silver Jubilee Award & Fellowships by
Dr. Divya Srivastava
Address by Chair, LISC, IIMI Prof. Prabin Panigrahi
Vote of Thanks by K C Satpathy, Organising Secy.
10:40-11:00 High Tea
11:00-11:30 Key Note Address by Prof. Roshan Raina
11:30-12:00 Invited Talk by Mr. H.Anil Kumar, Librarian, IIM
Ahmedabad on “Management Trends in Libraries”.
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Conference Theme I
Chair: Prof. H.S.Chopra, Head, LIS, GNDU, Amritsar
15:00-15:30 Conference Theme II
Chair: Dr.K.Veerarnjallu, Librarian, ANGR, Hyderabad
15:30-15:45 High Tea
15:45-16:00 Presentation by Atanu Garai,, Switzerland
on Critical Analysis of Knowledge Commission’s Recommendations
16:00-17:00 Conference Theme III
Chair: Dr. S. Kumar, Head, DLIS, Vikram Univ., Ujjain
17:00-18:00 Visit to IIMI Library & Book Exhibition
(Basement of the Library)
18:00-20:30 Cultural Programme & Dinner @ Nakhrali Dhani

Conference Agenda
Saturday, 6th December 2008
10:00-10:45 Conference Theme IV
Chair: Prof. S.Kumar, Univ. of Delhi
10:45-11:00 High Tea
11:00-12:20 Conference Theme V
Chair: Dr. Ganga B. Dakshinamurty, Univ. of Manitoba, Canada Invited Talk: By Prof. N.B.Biswas, Dean, Assam Univ.
Prof. Hasan Kiyani, Al-Zahara Univ, Iran
12:20-13.00 SIS GB
13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:00 Panel Discussion on Role of Librarian in 21st Century
Panelist: Dr. Harish Chandra, IIT Madras
Dr. Shailendra Kumar, Uinv. of Delhi
Dr. Hasan Kiani, Al-Zahara Univ, Iran
Dr. Ganga B. Dakshinamurty, Canada
Dr. N. B.Biswas, Assam Univ., Silchar
Dr. G.H.S. Naidu, D.A.V.V., Indore
Dr. Rama Devi, NIRD, Hyderabad
Dr. Namita Gupta, DST, New Delhi
16:00-17:00 Valedictory Function
17:00 High Tea

Agenda For Valedictory Function of INDEST –AICTE Workshop and 25th National Convention and Conference of SIS, 2008
Date: 6-12-08, IIM, Indore

Welcome Address by Kishor C. Satpathy, Organizing Secy
Report by Reporter General: Dr. G H S Naidu, Librarian, DAVV, Indore
Address by Dr. Divya Srivastava, Secretary, SIS
Award to SIS Fellow- Dr. Harish Chandra, Librarian, IIT Madras

Award to SIS Young Scientist– Dr. M. Angadi, TISS, Mumbai
Feedback by Participants
Address by Prof. P.K. Panigrahi, Chair, LISC, IIM Indore
Valedictory Address By Prof. S. Dey, Chair, FPM, IIM Indore
Vote of Thanks by Dr. Divya Srivastava, Secretary, SIS
Vote of Thanks by Kishor Satpathy, Organizing Secy

Details of the Techinical Session
Technical Session I / Theme: Emerging Trends
1Role of Libraries in the Knowledge Economy Era By: Dr. M. Natarajan
2Libraries in the Knowledge Economy By: Preeti Pandey
3Role of LIS Professional in New Emerging Technology Trends in Libraries By: Ravindra M. Mendhe, Preeti Agarwal & Vinay Patil
4Challenges for Agricultural Librarians in 21st Century By: Dr. K. Veeranjaneyulu
5Managing Libraries in a Changing Environment By: Mr. Sanat Bhattacharya
6Challenges of Education in 21st Century and Library By: Chitra Parasher, Ram Prakash Pandey, & Sangeeta Chourey
7Libraries in B-Schools- Trends Transformed By: K P Singh
8Emerging Management Trends: MIS In Libraries By: Mohammed Imtiaz Ahmed
9Managerial Roles of Library and Information Science Professionals in Present Era By: Sambhu Nath Halder, & Joydip
10Information Seeking Behavior of Management Students at A.M.U, Aligarh: A Study By: Mohd. Moinuddin Khan & M. Masoom Raza
11Methods of Data Collection By: Manisha Singh & Vivek Singh
12Essential of Disaster Management By: Prof. Chandrakant R. Satpute, & Dr. Shamkant Deshmukh
13Data Mining and Libraries: A Tool For Knowledge Management By: Mr. Sanjeev Kumar & Dr. B K Sawhney
Technical Session II / Theme: HRD
1Human Resource Planning and Development: Need For New Professionals to Manage Modern Library and Information Retrieval System By: Deepa Katiyal; B.L. Malhotra & H.K. Jain
2Human Resources and Building Competencies: An Academic Librarian’s Perspective By: Mrs. Sushma Jagirdar
3Empowering Library and Information Profession In The Digital Era By: Dr. K. Padmini & N. Maddiah
4Developing Library Leaders for the 21st Century By: Dr M K Bhandi & Dr Purushothama Gowda
Technical Session III / Theme: Networking & Consortia
1Networking and Resource Sharing in Engineering College Libraries of Jaipur
By: Dr. Purnima Kaushik & Ms. Mili Bajpai
2Library Consortia: Boon For Modern Libraries By: Ravindra M. Mendhe & Dr. Preeti Agarwal &Vinay Patil
3Resource Sharing Among Libraries With Special Reference to Library Consortium: India’s Perspective By: Ashok Kumar Upadhyay & Dr. M. Masoom Raza
4Role of Library Consortium in the Changing Digital Age: An Indian Scenario
By: Umesha Naik & Dr. D Shivalingaiah
5Indolibnet: A Proposal By: Kishor Chandra Satpathy
6Status of Online Journals in UGC Infonet Digital Library Consortium: A Comparison of Five Science and Social Science Disciplines By: Dr. Bhaskar Mukherjee & Prashant Kumar
Technical Session IV / Theme: ICT, IR & Library 2.0
1Utilization of CD-Rom Database By the Users of Niscair, New Delhi: A Survey Report By: Mrs.Nishat Fatima, Akhtar Hussain, Jasbir Singh & Vasiullah
2Computer Literacy Among the Library Professionals :In Indore City By: Dr. G.H.S. Naidu, Prabhat Singh Rajput & Namita Kapoor
3Electronic Services: Opportunities and Challenges By: Ranjita N. Dash
4Designing Interfaces for Better Information Retrieval By: Ms. Neha Joshi
5Open Access Initiative Through Institutional Repository: Knowledge Repository@CIMAP (Http://Kr.Cimap.Res.In) By: Manoj Semwal, Amit Mohan & Rakesh Tiwari
6Groundwork for Developing Institutional Digital Repository in the University of Kalyani By Using Dspace By: Sibsankar Jana & Prabin Karkee
7Institutional Repository Building Through GSDL: Burdwan University Movement
By: Dr. Kanchan Kamila
8Comparative Study of the Most Popular Web Based Rss Reader/Aggregators
By: Dr. Shymkant Deshmukh & Sandeep Bhavsar
9Library 2.0: Beginning of A New Era By: Soumi Sanyal
10Library 2.0: Extension of Web 2.0 In The Library Perspective By: Prabin Karkee, Sibsankar Jana & Subarna Kumar Das
11Use of web 2.0 technologies among medical students, residents and researchers at AIIMS: a survey By: Sangeeta Narang
12Comparative Study of Search Engines By: R K Shukla & Jata Shankar Gupta
13Marketing of Information in University Library Services: Maharashtra
By: Dr. Shamkant J. Deshmukh. Deshmukh, Prof. Pankaj R. Deshmukh & Prof. Chandrashekhar D.Wani
14Role of the Librarian in 21st Century: Marketing of Library Services
By: Mrs. Supriya Indapurkar
15Library Marketing Through Marketing Rules and Techniques By: Sangeeta Paliwal
16Changes In Tools For Marketing Library Product and Services In Information Technology Environment By: Pallavi
Technical Session V / Theme: E-Learning & Information Literacy
1Role of Subject Librarian In 21st Century: Reaching out Through Information Literacy By: Dr. Ganga B. Dakshinamurti
2The Impact of Information Literacy Programs in the Higher Education: An Evidence Based Approach to Assess Information and Research Skills Course in the Iranian Universities By: Dr. Hassan Kiani
3Information Literacy By: Archana Singh
4Libraries Role and Support for Effective Implementation of E-Learning Programmes
By: Dr.Rama Devi
5Design and File Formats of Ebooks in Electronic Learning By: Dr. Shailendra Kumar & M. Singh
6Information Literacy And E-Learning For Lifelong Learning by Dr P.V.Konnur &
Kavita H C
7E-Learning in Library and Information Science: Issues and Challenges in Digital Era
By: Prabhat Singh Rajput, S. Kumar & Sukhavendra Gautam
8Fundamentals of E-Learning: An overview By: Nirbhara Srivastava
9Role of Libraries in The E-Governance of India: An Opportunity for Transparency And Seamless Access To Information By: Dr Amruth Sherikar & Dr Suresh Jange
10Changing Role of Trends in LIS Professionals in the E-Learning Environment
By: Dr. Purushothama Gowda M.
11E-Learning & Information Literacy by Prof. N B Biswas

Feedback from the participants......

Dear Dr.Satpathy

I must congratulate you for this splendid and thoroughly professional reporting. I am seeing such a post-conference reporting of SIS after a long time. Hope the bench mark you have set will be followed by the future conference organizors

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Times in 2009.

Sathya []
MD, Informatics India

Dear Dr. Kishor

Hi, How are you. Let me to have the best thanks for your kindly hospitality during the IIM Conference. PLS send me the conference certificate as well as the other request items. I will be waiting for receiving the IIM Conference article collection , My published article about the LIS Education, pictures, and ...
PLS convey my regards to your family.

Best of the luck.

Yours : Hassan Kiani
DLIS, Al-Zahara University
hassan kiani
Dear Dr. Satpathy,

Thanks for uploading the photos of the conference onto the web. I have downloaded all the photos of mine. I congratulate you and your team for the fantastic work done during the conf.

With warm regards

Mallikarjun Angadi, Ph.D
Inf. Scientist, USA-IVLP FellowSir
Dorabji Tata Memorial Library
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
P.B.No.8313,V. N. Purav Marg,Deonar, Mumbai - 400 088 Ph: 91-22-25525284(Direct);

Dear Mr Satpathy
Thank you very much for the support and service rendered during SIS 2008.It was an excellent way of conducting Seminar. Everything was well organised.Hope to continue in your future endeavours.

Scientist National Inst Of Science Comm. and Inf. Resources (NISCAIR)
14, Satsang Vihar Marg
New Delhi - 110 067. INDIA.
munusamy natarajan []


Dear Satpathy

SIS conference was very successful conference. I congratulate you and your team members they have done great work. Thank you for your personal care to me and others.

Pl send the conference good photographs specially where ever I am in for my photo album.

In case you your going to publish conference volume if need I will send the updated paper to you.

Thanks and Best Wishes

Dr.Shailendra Kumar
University of Delhi
Shailendra Kumar []

Dear Sir,

We congratulate you on making SIS2008 a grand success.

We were particularly impressed by you & your team's ability to manage an event of this scale with such panache & making it an experience that entire library fraternity would look forward to attending every year in future.

We believe the quality of speakers & paper presentations would have left an indelible impression on young & intelligent audience, especially inaugural speech by the director of IIMI, presentations on "Role of Librarians in 21st century by Dr. Roshan Raina, Emerging trends in Librarianship by Dr H. Anil Kumar, your paper presentation on Library Networks sighting a practical example of Indo-Libnet, an informal talk by Prof Panighri on Librarianship" in particular.

Few other things that made SIS2008 a mesmerizing experience was the impeccable hospitality by your entire team and our visit to Nakhrali Dhani. I was personally indebted when one of our staff working on library data conversion project thanked me and shared his once in lifetime experience at the venue, we personally thank you for this.

We sincerely thank you, Mr.Gopal, Mr.Vilas, Ms.Monika, Ms. Aparna, Mr.Sanny & other team members and promise to extend our heartfelt support for organizing such an event in future.

Best regards,
Jatin B Baraiya
RapidRadio Solutions Pvt. Ltd.B-404, Satyamev I, Opp. Gujarat High Court,Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad - 380 060
Mobile: +91-9824415155, Office: +91 79 27665256

Dear Dr. Kishor C. Satpathy

Kindly accept our heartiest congratulation for organizing such a wonderful twin event and that too with a dedicated team of 2-3 library officials only.

Words are not enough to thanks you for providing us excellent hospitality. My husband is also very much greatful to you for extending all the facilities to him specially the visit arranged to Mahakaleshwar. You are the role model not only for young library professionals but for us as well.

Kindly make a visit to our library with your family. We will be more than happy to welcome you at IIT Roorkee.

With High Regards
Sushma Gupta
IIT Roorkee
Sushma Gupta []

Dear Kishor,
Hello! I hope all has gone well with the SIS convention and conference. You must be feeling relaxed and easy after the hectic work. Kindly let me know in detail to the events when you are free and settled down Regards and best wishes.
kundra ramesh []


Dear Sir,

It was a very pleasing and learning experience to be at the SIS conference. It was remarkable how u had taken care of every small detail, & had the personal touch with everybody.

Thank you & all your teammates like Prabhat, Vilas etc for all u ppl have done.

sushma jagirdar

Hello sir,
Good after noon!
I am very pleased to say that 4 - 6 Dec Workshop was very nice. I learnt lot more than my expectation. You arranged all the things very systematically and in a disciplined way.
I really appreciate you for such nice arrangement Now in future if there is any workshop or seminars then please inform me. I too will contribute my help and participations.Have a nice day
Mrs Jaya Patil
Jaymala Patil []

Dear Sir,
I heartly congratulate you & your team for organizing recently held national conference in IIM Indore. We are looking more such events from you because you are the first one who initiated such national conference in Madhya Pradesh first time since I entered in this profession. I also congratulate you for bringing together all Indore city librarians at one place as forming Indore Library Association. Here, I would like to suggest & you that you should have tried to form M.P. Library Association which will help to force; M.P. Govt to implement library legislation which is, still could not done yet by our fore professionals.

I always ready to offer my help in this regard.

Hemant Bhoot
Institute of Professional Education & Research, Bhopal
Hemant Bhoot

Best Wishwes…

61/28, Dalpat Singh Building
Pratik Market, Munirka
New Delhi 110067, INDIA
Ph: 91-11-2671 1755/ 2755/ 5755/ 6755
Fax 91-11-2671 6755


Respected Sir
Please accept the Congratulation for the success of Conference. Kindly inform me about Conference Proceedings publication

With regards

Deptt.of LIS
B.U. Jhansi(U.P.)
M Arya []
Dear Dr. Satpathy,

Congratulation….. for SIS 2008 was successful conference.

Nice photographs (SIS 2008 conference) I have seen the on blog.

Thanks & Regards

Softlink Asia
t: +91-129-2257872
f: +91-129-4131697

Dear Sir,
Pl. accept my heartfelt congratulation on successful conduct of National convention and Conference of SIS 2008.I shall be highly grateful to you if would kindly arrange to send me a copy of Proceeding of Conf…….

Thanking you,

With High regards
Inside Ambagate,Near Sitaram Building,
Budhwara Road,AMRAVATI-444 601.

Dear Kishore
How are you and your health. I enjoyed the programme in your organization. I saw the pictures, good. Thank you very much for your hospitality ……….. Wish you Happy New Year.
With best wishes
Ramadevi, NIRD


"U were wonderful as a host for sis 2008"
Sangeeta Narang
AIIMS Library

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Accomodation & Transportation Details for SIS 2008

Dear All,
Greetings from IIM Indore.
First, I regret for the delay in my response. Actually I was not well.
Anyway, our preparation for INDEST-AICTE workshop on “e-resource Management” & SIS 2008 being organized by IIM Indore from 4-6 Dec., 2008 is almost over. This is just to inform you that those who have registered for SIS 2008 for them IDEST-AICTE workshop (starting on 4th Dec) will be free & vice versa. The registration will start from 9 AM & the Inaugural session will start from 9.30 AM for both the programmes.

We have arranged accommodation only for those who have requested us in time. We have arranged the transport facility to drop the delegates in the town in the evening of 4-6 Dec. We have arranged vehicle for the delegates staying in the Guest House for pick up & drop. Keeping in view large no participants & various dates & times of arrival, you are requested to reach the respective guest-houses / IIM Indore of your own (except the invited speakers /guest/ guest from abroad for them we have made arrangements). There are no of direct buses available from bus stand / railway station (platform no 1 side) to IIM Indore (bus no 25 or come by any bus to RAU / RAU Bypass or by train to RAU) & our car is available at Rau Bypass. For details pl. call in the following Nos for further help.:

Kishor Satpathy: 9425312746
Vilas: 9826040911
Gopal: 9826196396
Satyanarayan: 9302317678

Room Allotment details & Address is given below:

Name of Guest House with details:
Gust House, Devi Ahilya University
Takashila Parisar, Khandwa Road,
Near Bhawarnkua Square,
Opp. Holkjar Science College Indore (M.P.) 452 001
Contact Person: Capt. Mr. Rai
Mob. 98263 81982

Gest House on the first floor of Girls Hostel, IPS Academy,
Rajendra Nagar, A.B. Road, Indore.
Contact Person. Ms. Sharmila
Ms. Sreekala
Ms. Choudhary
Tel: (R) +91-731-4037668

Guest House, CAT
Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology
Rajendra Nagar Indore 452013 (M.P), INDIA
Contact Person. Mr. Ahmed
(O) +91-731-2442370
Fax: +91-731-2442377
Reception No.: +91-731-2442373

Indian Institute of Management Indore
Indore-453331, Madhya Pradesh, INDIAE-mail:
Tel: 0731-4228626, 09425312746(M)

Looking forward to meet you soon.

Thanks & Regards,

Kishor Satpathy

Name of the Participant Name Of Uni. & Insti. Accom. Allotted
Dr. Divya Shrivastava ICMR, Delhi CAT- 1
Mrs. Namita Gupta DST, Delhi CAT- 1

Dr. K Veeranjaneyulu ANGRA Uni., Hyderabad CAT- 2
Mr. Shailendra Kumar Uni. of Delhi, Delhi CAT- 2
Ms. Ramadevi NIRD, Hyderabad CAT- 3
Ms. Manish Singh Uni. of Delhi, Delhi CAT- 3
Shri Mehar Singh IIT, Roorkee CAT- 4
Shri Natesh k. Sharma IIT, Roorkee CAT- 4
Mr. Atanu Garai GIS, Switzerland CAT- 5
Mr.Manoj Semwal CIMAP, Lucknow CAT- 5
Dr. M. Natrajan NISCAIR, New Delhi CAT- 6
Mrs. Sushma Gupta IIT, Roorkee CAT- 7
Mr. P.N. Bajpai YMCAIE, Faridabad CAT- 8
Mr. Umesha Naik &
Dr. D Shivalingaiah Manglore Uni., Manglore CAT- 8
Prof. C. D. Wani KCESIMR, Jalgaon DAVV
Mr. Ravindra M. Mendhe GHRIEM, Jalgoan DAVV- 1
Dr. H.S. Chopra Guru Nanak Dev Uni., Amirtsar DAVV- 2
Dr. H. R. Narayana Murthy Tunga Mahavidyalaya, Thirthalli DAVV- 3
Ms. Indira Dubey IPS College, Gwalior DAVV- 4
Mr. Sharad Kumar Sonker BBA Uni., Lucknow DAVV- 5
Mr. C. R. Satpute GC Engg., Jalgaon DAVV- 5
Mr. Ashok Kumar Upadhyay AMU, Aligarh IIMI Hostel
Mr. Nayakanti Maddaiah S. V. Uni., Tirupati IIMI Hostel
Mr. Sunil Yadav Ambala, Cahtt. IIMI Hostel
Dr. Shamkant J. Deshmukh NMC, Jalgoan IIMI Hostel
Mr. Pankaj R. Deshmukh SCHMCollege, Jalgoan IIMI Hostel
Mr. Punam Chandra Regar Jain Bharti Uni., Ladnu (RJ) IIMI Hostel
Mr. Mohd. Moinuddin Khan AMU, Aligarh IIMI Hostel
Mr. Satish Kumar Dixit MIT, Mandsaur IIMI Hostel
Mr. Deepak Nayak MIT, Mandsaur IIMI Hostel
Ms. Sushma Jagirdar BB College of IT, Hyderabad IPS
Ms. Ranjita N. Das B Inst. of Pharmacy, Vadodara IPS
Ms.Pallavi XLRI, Jamshedpur IPS
Ms. Ashwini Gosavi Symbiosis, Pune IPS
Mrs. Pranita Pradhan Symbiosis, Pune IPS
Prof. N B Biswas MDC- 3
Mr. Yogendra Singh IIT, Roorkee MDC- 1
Mr. H. Anil Kumar IIM Vastrapur, Ahmedabad MDC- 1
Mr. Kiani Khoozestani Hassan Al-Zahra Uni., Tehran, Iran MDC- 2
Dr. Roshan Raina (Invited Speaker) LBSM, New Delhi MDC- 2
Dr. Ganga B. Dakshinamurti ADCM Lib.Uni., Canada MDC- Single
Dr. Sngeeta Narang AIIMS IPS